HP G72 Screen Repair and Replacement

Does your HP laptop screen have a small crack in a corner, has jagged lines across the screen or displays faint images? Or are you concerned about a broken LCD screen or cracked laptop display? Drop your worries. Our highly expert HP G72 screen repair team can examine and rectify all your notebook screen and display issues. At Creative IT, we offer a fast and friendly notebook screen repair service and customers can take advantage of our comprehensive check up for various laptop screen problems associated with all HP notebook models.

If your HP G72 laptop is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below, please bring your laptop our Central London HP laptop repair store for a professional evaluation or call us to discuss your specific problems.

HP G72 Screen Repair

  • Flickering, dimming and dark screens
  • Splotched sections
  • Colour problems
  • Dead or bright pixels
  • Inverter and backlight problems
  • Distorted or scrambled video on the screen
  • Discoloration around the edges of the screen
  • Blotches and white spots
  • Stretched or blurry images
  • Liquid spills on LCD screen
  • Red and green colour appears on the screen
  • Horizontal or vertical lines across the screen
  • Blank screen / no video on the notebook screen

London HP G72 Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement

There are a number of reasons that can cause laptop display problems. Even a defective or loose cable connection can cause interference to the display. Problems with associated hardware components such as inverter, backlight, battery or adapter can also lead to laptop screen and display problems. At times, complex issues like defective video card or graphics chipset, faulty graphics processing unit or GPU, and motherboard failures can result in screen problems. Whatever the issue is, our team of component level HP G72 laptop repair engineers can offer quality repair and replacement services. We are also equipped with most modern IRDA BGA rework station and reflow equipment to perform professional BGA (Ball Grid Array) rework and reballing and chip replacement services. We can effectively troubleshoot and fix most issues with faulty graphics chipset, video card and graphics processing unit (GPU).

Specialists in London HP G72 Laptop Screen Repair Services

At Creative IT, we offer same day laptop screen repair and HP G72 laptop screen replacement services. We carry out laptop screen replacement services, while you wait, using the highest quality replacement parts for any HP G72 notebook model. All HP notebook screens are expertly fitted and tested. The cost of a replacement screen may vary depending on the size and type of the screen you require. Simply drop your HP G72 laptop to our repair centre or we can collect it from your residential or office address. Our residential customers as well as business clients can take advantage of our secure, nationwide pickup and delivery services.

To experience our high quality London G72 screen repair and HP G72 screen replacement services, feel free to call us today.